We Are Family is a peer to peer support community by adopters, for adopters. We’re there for parents throughout their adoption journey.

“It is my strong belief that the support we give should be on offer to all adopters. There should be a network of families ready to welcome them with open arms as they take decisive steps towards caring for some of the youngest and most vulnerable in our society. Because all new parents need support. We all need to belong. To a family – to a community. Our provision is a necessary one.”

We Are Family Co-Founder

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Getting Schools to Understand: A Parent’s Journey

| Education | No Comments
A member shares the journey she went on to help school understand her child's needs.

What is the adoption process like?

| Adoption assessment, matching | No Comments
A We Are Family member describes what the adoption process is comprised of and what it felt like to go through the various stages.

The Journey from Placement to an OK Place (By a family with a birth child who went on to adopt)

| Becoming a family, Introductions, matching, Parenting, Placement | No Comments
A member takes us through the many ups and downs on the journey from family finding to matching, introductions and beyond.

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