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In line with the most recent government advice to avoid ‘non-essential’ contact with others, WAF is suspending all in-person WAF meetings and events with immediate effect. 

However, we must remember that what we do is not social, but about providing support to each other. The WAF board has therefore decided to urgently look at ways in which we can develop different ways of giving support. This is especially important at a time when normal routines, often so important to our families, may be disrupted. 

For example, we will look at whether it is possible to set up online ‘virtual’ support sessions. In the meantime, our blogs will continue, our public Facebook page is open, you can email us if you want to join the private WAF Facebook group. 

We will try to respond to members’ needs as things change over the coming weeks and months. Do get in touch through your local group volunteers or direct to

We Are Family is an adoption support community in and around London, open to all adopters – including prospective and approved ones.

We are a supportive bunch, providing active peer to peer support through regular meet ups, information sharing and other initiatives. Rather than offering advice, we offer community.

We are open to all families: gay, lesbian, straight, single or couples. Many people visit our groups alone, or with their partners, sometimes with, sometimes without, their kids. There are groups for everyone. 

'Add the dots' game

We have a fun dots game for you to play. As you can see the dots animate around behind the main website. Click the We Are Family title at the top of this page, and enjoy this relaxing game. Click to add more dots, as many as you like! Take a screen-grab and share to friends!