We Are Family


Our Governance

We Are Family is a user-run organisation, with all services run by volunteers. All of our members are adoptive parents or prospective adopters. Each of our current ten groups has a steering group which oversees events and activities in their area.

WAF has a governing board of twelve trustees, two of whom are Chair and Deputy Chair. All board members are volunteers and most are WAF members. The board meets six times a year to focus on the charity's strategy, finances and reviewing the delivery of its services.

To ensure work progresses in between board meetings, the board has established two committees: Programmes & Strategy and Finance, Fundraising & Resources. These are populated mainly by board members, but WAF members and other professionals may attend. We also have a part-time Operations Manager.

A copy of our constitution can be downloaded here.

Anonymised copies of our annual reports are found here:

WAF Annual Report 2018/19 and WAF Accounts 2018/19

WAF Annual Report 2017/18 and WAF Accounts 2017/18.

WAF Annual Report 2016/17 and WAF Accounts 2017.

WAF Annual Report 2015/16.

We Are Family