We Are Family


Our Vision

"We want to see a world in which adoptive parents feel connected and are part of a supportive community which enables them to thrive".

We are an adoption support community that believes in the simplicity of meeting and sharing. Rather than offering advice, we offer community. We are working for a world where the mental health of the parent is understood as the foundation of a happy and healthy family. We support the parent to support the child, bearing the African proverb in mind: “It takes a village to raise a child.”

We wish for adoptive parents to receive the best ongoing support throughout their adoption journey. We want to help relieve the predictable stresses and strains of being an adoptive family.

We Are Family is anti-isolation. Isolation is a big factor in depression, Post Adoption Depression Syndrome and family crises, and eventually adoption breakdowns. The supported family by contrast is a stronger family. WAF offers network, a part of the support that every family needs.

We believe in self chosen networks. We are all adults, we provide the opportunities to meet other adoptive parents and families.

Well-supported parents can help their children with the big questions triggered by their adoption story.

We Are Family