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Adoption can bring a lot of joy, but also significant challenges.

Post-adoption support often doesn’t meet the complex needs of adoptive families who helping their children overcome the significant impacts of early trauma.

Since 2013, We Are Family has provided peer support to adopters, no matter where they are on their journey. Our parent groups, webinars, articles and other resources provide community, information and inspiration to anyone navigating the world of adoption.

We’re growing. From our online support and webinars to our local groups, the services we offer are in ever greater demand. We’re working in partnership with Adopt London and others to meet these challenges.

But we now need you. We want to keep our membership free, so that its accessible to anyone who needs it. Please become a Friend of We Are Family by giving £5 per month or whatever you can afford*.

Your support will help us grow our services and mean that we can be there for any adoptive family, wherever they are on their journey.