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A moment to cherish

IMG_1144Our daughter has not been with us for very long and my first conversation with her happened unexpectedly on Christmas Day.
It had been a great day with all the usual shenanigans; the 5:30am 4 year old alarm clock, the frenzy of present un wrapping and seeing my son finally pedal a bicycle; I genuinely thought it couldn't get any better. So when my daughter woke up unexpectedly about 9pm, I just decided to lie down with her, reflect on the day and soothe her through her teething discomfort. She is still getting to know us, so when she picked up the edge of a sheet and put it over her head and we started playing peep o I was in awe. This is such a great milestone for her and she gave me this gift when I least expected it. I realise that miracles happen all the time, we just need to take the time to allow them to happen, but this last Christmas is one I will always remember and cherish with all my heart.


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    We Are Family

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