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What I see

What I see - Img 6194

When I look at our sons -

I see confusion over the disruptions in their lives and the difficult heart wrenching changes they have endured.

I see hurt and anger for what they have suffered.

I see the lack of self worth that has resulted and I see a lack of trust in the adults around them.

I see their belief that it could happen to them again and I see their lack of certainty that we really are forever.

I see the fear that this instills in them and I see their doubt that the security of their lives today is real.

But bit by bit I see change.

More and more - 

I see bigger smiles.

I see deeper laughter.

I see unquestionable happiness.

I see them settling and I see security growing, proper deep routed security.

I see contentment for the family that we are and I can see the future overriding the past.

I see hope.

I see love.

And most amazing of all - When I look at my sons I see... US.

I see my partner and I can clearly see me.

I see likeneses that never cease to amaze me.

I see our faces, I see our smiles.

I see our mannerisms, I see our expressions and also I hear our words.

From the moment we met we felt that they were unquestionably our children and more and more we can SEE it too. 

Img 6194


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