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What Positives Adoption Has Brought To Our Lives.

What Positives Adoption Has Brought To Our Lives. - Annie Theby 267666 Unsplash

Of course there are negatives - unexpected worries, stresses and difficulties that we have to deal with everyday, but this blog is just about the positives - which thankfully dominate our lives and put the negatives into perspectives. 

The positives - 

Our Sons (obviously): Two amazing little boys who have become our world. Two pure soles who have filled up our lives and who's resilience and joy surprise us everyday. 

Love: So very much love. From the moment we met our sons and were overcome by a level of emotion that neither my partner and I had experienced or could have anticipated, to a love today that has flourished and amazingly continues to grow even more intense with each passing day. 

Happiness: They have brought a happiness that is beyond anything that we have experienced previously, a happiness that is pure and complete.  

Pride: They have filled our hearts with pride. Pride for what they do, pride for what they say and pride for them for being just exactly who they are. 

Laughter: Children have a wonderful perspective on life and their innocence and naivety is charming and often very, very funny. We laugh at them, we laugh with them and most importantly we laugh as a family - everyday 

Contentment: Being a family has made my life more complete and has filled me with a level of contentment that I could never have imagined.

Perspective: Children help us to see what is truly important in life, they make us realise that 'they' are more important than anything! More important than money, more important than 'stuff' and most significantly more important than ourselves.

Re evaluation: Adopting our sons has made us stand back and look at the life we were living - the long hours at work, the partying, the constant attempts to please oneself - and it has made us realise that what we have now is more than we ever had or could ever have achieved. 

Friends: Adoption has brought us many new friends, friends from inside the warm and welcoming world of adoption as well as friends from the lives of our sons, from school, from clubs, from their friendships.

And quite clearly adoption has brought us a great degree of smugness  - for which I make no apologies.

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  • Sarah

    I always love your blogs! Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts with us all. Thank you for spelling out the positives in adoption. I know I sometimes could do with a reminder of that too. For it is really is the love that is the biggest plus.

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