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Happy Valentine's Day

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I hope I don't need to worry about offending any singles by doing a Valentine's post here, because WAFers are most definitely with someone. In fact, our lack of aloneness can feel rather unrelenting at times - consider little fists hammering on the loo door. But being together was what we wanted and worked very hard to get.

St Valentine's Day may well throw up a load of questions such as, when did I last buy tickets for a non-family event? Have a romantic weekend away? Eat grown up food at a normal dinner hour?

Never mind. Harder questions are, What if I hadn't 'passed' as an adopter? What if a match hadn't been made with you? What if I were still childless? What if some other family had 'got' you? I hear the howl of wind and see tumbleweeds. How bleak, how dull, how lifeless life would be.

We might be losing out on 'romance' but we're gaining true love; more with every year that goes by. So, Happy Valentine's Day to all adoptive families. 




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