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Day One in the Dysfunctional Brother House

Day One in the Dysfunctional Brother House - Virtualworld

Anyone else convinced they're either dreaming or have entered a virtual world? Mad. Anyway, we decided to take the kids out of school as soon as the schools closure was announced. We’re most of the way through Day One. Right now, the kids are in their respective bedrooms because they have been unable to stop shouting at each other while Dad’s been on the phone trying to work.

A cool thing is that one of the boys’ therapists called him instead of having their session face to face. He disappeared upstairs and then I heard lots of flinging stuff around and screaming (in a good way). How brilliant that he’ll be able to carry on building that relationship with her over the phone.

Home schooling starts tomorrow. The boys are thrilled about it at the moment… I love their positivity and long may it last! We’ve named our new school, nominated Dad as the supply teacher and I’ve put together a timetable where they can have plenty of time apart. Theoretically, this last will save us. Thanks to the huge number of online learning resources, I’m going to plug one in for literacy and maths exercises and games galore, which they will love, while the other is being coached 1:1 (which they probably will hate). Then we’ll join up for gardening, PE, cookery or science.

You might think I’m heading into trouble and I see that a lot of parents of children who are traumatised or differently wired are not going to worry about educating. I just don’t think we are able to play nicely all day long or even for an hour, frankly. We need a rigid structure in place. I use ‘we’ advisedly, by the way.

This will be a great opportunity for our family to bond and play together. We are not in that head space yet but we have plenty of time to get there!


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