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We Are Family was founded in 2013 to provide peer support and community to adopters and prospective adopters. Since then, we’ve grown, changed and developed and we need a look and feel for our website and other communications that better reflects who we are now and what we’re doing as an organisation.

The experience of parenting an adopted child with early trauma can be isolating. For people who haven’t walked this path, it can be difficult to understand the challenges that comes with the territory. Nearly eight years ago, our founders were experiencing the combination of isolation and the lack of adequate post-adoption support.

They decided to do something about it, and We Are Family was born!

Growing our services

For a long time, our model of support was primarily based around local groups meeting, where adopters shared their journeys in adoption and provided each other with mutual support through their lived experience. This approach remains at the heart of what we do, but now our offer to adoptive families and prospective adopters is much broader.

Early in the coronavirus pandemic, we launched We Are Family Talks, our webinar programme, which has helped us reach beyond London and has given vital information and inspiration to adoptive and prospective adoptive families during the pandemic and will continue to into the future. We now also have virtual meetups such as The Parents Lounge and our Teens and Tweens support group.

As we move forward, we’ll be producing a series of podcasts in partnership with Adopt London, digging into the most important issues for our community. Our blog will continue to feature adoption stories, tips and think pieces on key issues around adoption. There is also a huge range of material available to our members in our online members hub.

Building our online offer has meant that we’re able to reach more adopters in London, but also beyond London, and provide support, information and community to adopters wherever they are in the UK.

A new look

You may ask what this has to do with a new logo, colour scheme and website? Well, the answer is simple. Our old ‘brand’ and website were designed before our offer had grown so much and it’s time for us to better reflect who we are as an organisation in all our communications.

We’ve chosen a logo and colours that are vibrant and accessible. We’ve also put a lot of work into making this website easier to navigate for anyone coming to it, whether they’re a member, a prospective member, a professional or someone else entirely.

With the input of our members, we’ve been strengthening what we do and it’s time to reflect that in how we present our work to you and to the world. We hope you like it.

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