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Original Post: Moments of Wonder.

Here are a few of the moments of wonder that adoption has brought to my life.

– The first time I lay eyes on my amazing sons – a memory that will stay fresh in my mind forever.

– The moment I realised that I was totally and utterly in love – instantly. 

–  The first time we walked into our home as the family that we are and that we were clearly meant to be. 

– The first ‘Daddy’. 

– The first ‘I love you Daddy”. 

– Every time one of their tiny hands reaches out for mine. 

– Every time a hot little body climbs into bed and wakes me. 

– Every time they surprise me by saying something really smart. 

– The spontaneous hug and kiss brought about from a moment of sheer joy.

– Witnessing those moments of sheer joy. 

– The first painting of ‘our family’ for the fridge door. 

– The first painting of our family with five smiling faces (the cat was happy too). 

– When the ONLY seat is my lap, regardless of the numerous empty ones. 

– When I caught them singing and dancing along to a pop song (a little less wondrous that it was Gangnam style). 

– When they do that Meerkat thing of looking up straining their necks to make sure I’m still there. 

– When they hurt themselves and desperately need you and only you. 

– When they hurt themselves and they respond to the magical healing powers of a hug and kisses. 

– The first time ‘they’ remind ‘me’ that it’s time for the bedtime story. 

– The first time they pick up a book by themselves and start to ‘read’ it. 

– When they fall asleep in my arms. 

–  Every time I see those certain heartfelt smiles that suggest I am doing something right.

– Every time I get that sensation that starts in the pit of my stomach, rises to my heart and confirms the love that I have for my sons, a love that is unquestionable, ever lasting and totally unconditional.

These moments of wonder fill me with the realisation that my life is now full of the most valuable things that I could ever wish for.

Bloggers comment –

Unapologetically sentimental. 
It was quite early days when I wrote this, I guess we were still in the ‘honeymoon period’ to some extent and the wonder of becoming a family dominated and shone brightly above everything else. 
I remember being so very aware of this and wanting to write a blog about what our sons had brought into our lives and then thinking that in fact there were so many things and that I should list them first.
As I did so I felt that a list spoke for itself.

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