The Depression Dragon

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I don’t have an elephant in the room. I have a haggard,
spiky, gnarly terrifying dragon that stalks me everywhere. For most of my life, when expert
therapists have suggested that this is linked to my adoption, I have retorted
that it has absolutely nothing to do with that, thank you very much, and headed
back to my absorbing and much more
important Facebook conversation.

Now, I realise that the experts
might have been right.

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Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

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If anyone is familiar with the five ways to wellbeing, one
of the quadrants (ignoring that this is quadrant no. 5!) is to give to others.
One way I’ve been able to do that is by supporting potential adopters via
sessions at the agency I adopted though. I troop up to Barkingside once every
few months, usually harassed and running late due to my nine year-old’s fear
that I am not coming back! I always ask my little munchkin if there is anything
she would like me to say, and this varies depending on her mood. This time I
had a huff and a “Really? Again?” So we decided it would be so much easier if
she wrote it down so I wouldn’t have to keep asking her! Below is exactly what ten minutes of her mind created – totally unprompted (I have not changed
anything; everything is her own words and style…except for adding the YouTube
link which she insisted I help her with.)

So from the mouth of a babe…

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We Are Family