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The Impossible Decision - Part 1

We are four days into our summer holiday. Last night was an unusually late night out and not so surprisingly (but in fact quite uncharacteristically) the children are sleeping late this morning, needless to say I am making the most of this rare occurrence and I am enjoying a well deserved lie-in.

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Travel tips! - A mum shares her top twenty

Each year since our son moved in we have been travelling across the pond to see family. It takes almost two days to get there, so we stay for a fortnight in Grandmama's house. We just did our third trip. 

Here's is what I have learned over the past three trips. Much of it is advice from parents and carers, who have passed on their best advice.

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I am transported back to when I was about 6 years old and it was a very heavy winter with snow blizzards and freezing ice on the roads.

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Out of the blue – A lesson in patience.

It happened so quickly that I didn’t have the chance to explain to her that not only would I not be coming home in time to cook her tea, bath her and carry her to bed, but that I would be gone for six whole days. I was just gone, absent without warning and it felt unbearable.

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Is it ok if I don't love you?

 "Stop it, Daddy" was the cry. When she first told me she didn't love me, I said it was ok, I loved her and always would. But it became a more frequent song, culminating in a frighteningly earnest, "Is it ok if I don't love you, Daddy?"

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Fostering issues

I found the prep' course that adopters go through to be quite comprehensive and of great value, it's hard to imagine that in the past adopters were offered none of this information to prepare them for what in some cases are huge challenges, but for everybody is something new and unknown.

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