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Bad Advice

Most of us new parents came to adoption later than many of our peer group came to parenting, often it is after many years of trying for a birth child and many more attempting to 'put right' whatever issues were preventing that from happening naturally.

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Useless Blog #5 Facing My Fear

I have a fear. It has two faces. One looks internally and gnaws at my well-being; the other externally and stands me on the edge of a very deep chasm, strong wind at my back.

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The End of the Journey or Is it Just the Beginning?

I was trying to remember what life was like before it got turned upside down some 18 months ago. If I’m honest the start of the journey was more like 5 years ago; my husband summed it up only last night, we had a little dude shaped hole in our lives that needed filling.

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Favourite Dad

For us falling in love was easy and instant - from the very moment we met our sons. For the boys it of course took longer - they needed to settle, they needed to attach, subconsciously they needed to allow themselves to love again.

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Tomorrow and Forever

My parents were pretty dysfunctional as I remember and I had a chaotic life. But my wife says I married 'up' and with a whole load of therapy, many geographicals and a hefty swig of courage I got over my past and stepped into the shoes of the person I am today.

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Waiting it out

Two years ago I became Mum to an adorable, charming child who I can’t imagine life without but still no adoption order. The delay? She has undiagnosed complex needs, and I need financial support to ensure she gets the support she so deserves.

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