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Bad Advice

Most of us new parents came to adoption later than many of our peer group came to parenting, often it is after many years of trying for a birth child and many more attempting to 'put right' whatever issues were preventing that from happening naturally.

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Useless Blog #5 Facing My Fear

I have a fear. It has two faces. One looks internally and gnaws at my well-being; the other externally and stands me on the edge of a very deep chasm, strong wind at my back.

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Favourite Dad

For us falling in love was easy and instant - from the very moment we met our sons. For the boys it of course took longer - they needed to settle, they needed to attach, subconsciously they needed to allow themselves to love again.

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My Dad and Grace - a story of bereavement and adoption

My Dad’s death last month, following an intense, but relatively short battle with cancer, has been the most visceral, powerful experience of my life, bar none – and I include childbirth in that. Watching someone I loved so much take their last breath when, for a few precious minutes, it was just me, and him, alone, was a privilege both terrible and beautiful.

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