The Great Behaviour Breakdown

Helping friends and family to support adoptive parents by Lisa Barker, WAF Director

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If you are not an adopter you cannot fully understand what the adoption journey is like. As with most things in life, you need to go through it, to really get it. There are so many assumptions about adoption that are at best, misplaced, and at worst, harmful.

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The L Word

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In this age of fake news, perhaps I need to re-evaluate my
feelings about lies. I hate them. I have a thing about lying, cheating and
everything else to do with falsehood.

And I know we are not supposed to use the L word, but I do. Something that’s dishonestly
made up is a lie. I know that’s not therapeutic, but, like I said, I have a
thing about it. How can I be therapeutic for something I need therapy about?

Enough of me. This is actually about my otherwise delightful
son, who is very much into lies.

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I took The Great Behaviour Breakdown course to manage his
behaviour.  Tell him you know how angry
he is, they said in the classroom.

Jump up and down with him when he’s angry, they said. 

Try to get him spinning, they said.  It regulates the vestibular system in his

I jumped.  I
spun.  I shouted. 

“I would be so angry too,” I shouted.  And my son screamed at me, so high and shrill
and then he hit me harder and opened his jaws as if to bite.   It
made it worse. 

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