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The Twelve Blogs of Christmas #2: Christmas Memories

By December 26, 2015April 15th, 2021No Comments

Image 3The most powerful memories of my early childhood are around Christmas, most specifically waking up on Christmas morning.

Not so unusual I guess, waking to a pile of Presents delivered by Santa, Presents I had wanted and asked for in my Xmas letter to the North Pole, others that surprised me and delighted me.

However, it’s more than just the presents that had an impact on my Christmas mornings.

We went to bed at our usual 7pm in a house devoid of any signs of Christmas – no decorations, no tree, no Christmas lights, not even cards displayed (just a pile that had been gradually growing larger day by day over the previous few weeks), we fell asleep leaving a house that was the same as every other night.

Regardless we were all full of excitement and anticipation – and we were never disappointed.

For we woke on Christmas morning to a house that had been transformed – we got up to Christmas.

To all its glittery, tinsely, sparkely and tacky wonder.

There was a huge tree (that usually touched the ceiling???)and was full of baubles, full of tinsel and full of much loved decorations that we cherished and were excited to see after a year of being packed away.

We were dazzled by lights – so many lights. Lights that made the tree come alive and greet us as we entered the room and lights in places that transformed our oh so familiar sitting room into something spectacular in our young – and in hindsight – easy to please eyes.

The amazing spectacle, the mystery of Santa having visited our house while we slept and the wonder that was Christmas suddenly in our home has left memories that are still as sharp over four decades later, that still fill me with a warmth and delight as if reliving the experience all over again.

In my childhood Christmas started on the 25th December and still hasn’t ended over 4 decades later.
P.S – As an adult I wondered how on earth my parents had achieved all that they had after we children had gone to bed, now as a busy parent I am even more bewildered and I realise – and totally appreciate – just what an effort they went to.

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