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Goo goo ga ga

lucyMy son is nearly 4 and we have had a pretty steady journey over the last 3 years as a family. We were delighted when he first played peek a boo with us – as all the books stated this was his first conversation with us. We were in, hooked with talking, babbling, singing and whatever noise he made we rejoiced with him.

Last week he completely turned the tables – we were having a normal day we had been swimming he was sleepy on the bus back. I made a pillow on my knee out of my scarf and he snuggled up and I stroked his hair. He looked straight into my eyes and began burbling like a baby. He called me Mamma which he has never done and seemed oddly very happy in this state. My reaction surprised me and I simply carried on stroking his hair. I adopted a lower, softer tone and replied back to him and he smiled from ear to ear.

I told my partner and now he has also done the same thing with her. We agreed to just go with it. We don’t ask him what he is saying we are going with the idea he will tell us if he needs anything.

Part of me thinks he has just gone through a massive growth spurt and has developed in all sorts of ways over the last month. We think that maybe he is letting himself catch up emotionally. Allowing himself to be the younger self he once was. Either way he is intent on communicating with us and I guess in whatever form that is we just have to go along with it.

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