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2015-12-13 17.21.56

How could I have known just how much emotion it could contain?

How could I have prepared myself for the sheer pleasure and intimacy of something so simple?

How could I have anticipated the intensity of such a natural act, or have predicted the purity of the love?

I am sitting with one of my sons and we are simply holding hands.

No conversation, we are not even looking at each other.

He came and sat beside me and gently nestled his little hand into mine – immediately uniting us with a so very precious bond.

Just sitting holding hands.
We may not share blood, but that is all it takes to fill me with an unadulterated love that is so totally complete.

A love that feels different from anything I have experienced before.

A love that is unconditional. A love about forgiveness, about protection, about teaching, about leading by example, a love that is ALL about giving.

A love that is everything.
Together in our forever family.
Together – Hand in Hand.