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wpid-20141211_190239.jpgI’m afraid this idea is a direct steal from The Adoption Social, but it’s such a good one that I’ve pilfered it for our own site…

How many of us out there are feel run off our feet?

The day to day grind of  parenting (and working) can be tough. Just yesterday I crumpled under the strain of a barrage of words from my three year old at bedtime about why she “wasn’t at all tired, needed to come back downstairs and would be doing so as soon as I left the room. Wanted some chocolate… no wait a minute A LOLLY! Really need a lolly! Why not? It’s not fair.. Can’t possibly stay under the covers because they are too hot and suddenly need a wee wee, no a pooh.. Quickly it wants to come out NOW!” (Then after going to bathroom and assembling Peppa pig toilet training seat etc and placing the daughter apon it) “Actually I don’t need the toilet but I am cold now. Why did you let my legs get cold mummy? I need my scooter and Peppa Pig socks and hat on and I need to come downstairs”. Thirty minutes and three books later and finally she’s asleep. Phew!

I  personally find it incredibly hard to break the habit of just ploughing on with whatever needs to be done next without taking time to think what would really benefit and nurture myself. After the bedtime chaos I should probably relax or do some yoga but I can hear the red wine and TV remote calling my name, plus there’s still all the washing up to do and the dog to be walked.  How to get some proper healthy Me Time into my day? and why does it seem so difficult?

One solution put forward by a writer on the Adoption Social was a challenge to her readers to Set aside 30 minutes each day just for yourself, every day and feel the benefit.

What a marvellous idea!  So the purpose of this blog is twofold. Firstly, if you already manage to organise yourself some daily Me Time – how do you do it and what do you do? Please be generous and share your tips with the rest of us. And if like me you cannot seem to find a minute when something doesn’t need to be done around the house, let’s take on the challenge and try to find 30 minutes a day just for ourselves.

Personally I am going to start by trying to get back into the meditation practise I used to find so helpful.

What about you?

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