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Reasons to be Cheerful: (Whose Tummy?)

Apart from the beautiful early blooming daffodils, I have another big reason to be cheerful this week - the confirmation that our son has just been accepted into the school of our choice. A school where I am pretty certain he is going to be happy, inspired, challenged, educated and stimulated, and which he is certainly ready for.

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Scotch Eggs

We are sitting having dinner and both our sons are excited because a friend from school is with us, conversation jumps around and one of them makes reference to 'Mummy' at which point the friend says 'you have two Dad's because your mummy is dead', 'no she isn't they reply in unison' and then go on to give two slightly different explanations as to her whereabouts.

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A Journey to Parenthood #1

My partner and I discussed adopting fairly early on in our relationship and talked about how much we would like to do it. We are not religious but I guess we suffer from that middle class, privileged background angst that can drive you in a similar direction. Our adoption assessment was straightforward (our lives were labelled ‘perfect’) and we were matched quickly with our darling boy who was 1 at the time.

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That all-important conversation that resulted in our stopping the use of contraception. Our wonderfully spontaneous and abandoned sex life which gradually, gradually morphed into something organised, timed and goal-oriented !

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Touch Wood

Before I was a parent, in fact well before I’d even met my husband, I only had one proper, if somewhat amorphous, goal: I wanted to be a happy mum, eeking out a living from teaching, writing bits and bobs and selling homemade fudge from an old ice cream van at festivals.

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The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: Epiphany

PHEWee. It’s over. One by one we take the decorations down and pack them carefully into boxes that will be lifted into the loft not to be seen for the rest of the year. The cobwebs of Christmas are being swept away and the house will feel brighter, cleaner and airy again. Normal life can be resumed.

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The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: The Smarties Telephone

When I was little My mum took me out one Christmas for lunch with one of her friends and her very well behaved daughter.   As we arrived at the venue I caught sight of a toy telephone filled with Smarties in a nearby shop window and I practically had a religious experience…. I mean I NEEDED that telephone more than I had ever needed anything else in my life.

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The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: All I want for Christmas

This year, when Christmas started to appear in all the shops, and she said: “I wish daddy could drive and get us lost so that we find that forest with the real Father Christmas!”, I could hardly keep the smile off my face – this time, we were booked, well in advance.

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