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The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: The Smarties Telephone

When I was little My mum took me out one Christmas for lunch with one of her friends and her very well behaved daughter.   As we arrived at the venue I caught sight of a toy telephone filled with Smarties in a nearby shop window and I practically had a religious experience…. I mean I NEEDED that telephone more than I had ever needed anything else in my life.

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The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: All I want for Christmas

This year, when Christmas started to appear in all the shops, and she said: “I wish daddy could drive and get us lost so that we find that forest with the real Father Christmas!”, I could hardly keep the smile off my face – this time, we were booked, well in advance.

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The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: I've done it again…

Carols are playing in the background. Shop fronts depict charming displays of christmassy loveliness and here we stand amongst it - a small tantrumming child and me with my red faced fury. I've got a loud voice at the best of times but I think this time I might have actually shattered a few windows.

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The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: Our son is 3

My son is 3 and this is our 3rd Christmas together but his very first Christmas we didn't get to share with him. I catch myself feeling melancholy that our boy, was wrapped up in someone else's arms, waking up on Christmas Day with another family and both he and us (on this day) had no idea of each other's existence.

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The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: 12 Days of Christmas

 I appreciate that I may not understand the symbolism, but frankly if my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree, irrespective of the five gold rings she gave me previously, which I probably would melt down and stick in the savings vault, I would definitely lose my Christmas Spirit.

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