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20160908_124719.jpg?w=169Do you want to go to nursery, or shall I just give you kisses and cuddles all day long?”
We laugh. “I want to go to nursery”
“OK then”
“But you can kiss and cuddle me when I get home”
I love my boy.
On the way we crunch through fallen leaves.
I don’t like Winter because the trees are bare.
You like the Autumn because it cools you down.
We have the Spring to look forward to.
I love my boy.

When did I finally become a mum?
Most mums know the day, the hour, the minute, maybe even the second.
Can I pin down the day, the month, even the year?
Wow I’m a mum.
I love my boy.
I live in a house where the only shared DNA is between the cats.
Our respective birth parents come from five countries.
We are so different but somehow we are the same.
How does that make me feel? Hopeful for humanity.
I love my boy.
At times it can be hard.
A troika sharing feelings of anger, loss and helplessness.
Conflict has extra layers of meaning in our family.
But we work through it.
I love my boys.

I know that the future is full of laughter.
You will develop, grow and learn, as most children do.
You will have to face some realities that most children don’t.
We will be there.
Because we love our boy.

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