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Since becoming a mum to our FASD boy, I have become very glass half-empty and people miss the old me. So, for today’s challenge I have decided to set myself a task, I have decided to take the most negative points about FASD in our son and his behaviours that are coming out, and turn them into positives… Or at least try. Sit back. Relax and enjoy.

Control issues

He will eventually have a very well-trained dog in the future or run the country.


He could make us millions by acting? Yes, that is definitely the way to look at this one. Also, when you are in the supermarket and the FASD in your child is screaming at you very dramatically with sheer attitude you can also turn to people and say, “We’re in character, this is what alcohol does to a growing child in the womb.” Trust me, I’ve done this before and its made people’s jaws drop but given me endless laughter in shops!


This is saving us lots of money, no need to spend money on any lessons, he already knows everything there is to know! Or so he likes to tell us. I would love him to learn the obedience of martial arts or boxing but according to him he doesn’t need to, so there’s a ton of money left in our pockets for now. His violence has helped me speak up; it’s helped me help others and to teach others that child parent violence is not acceptable. It is a real thing, despite what others think or believe, despite the fact that people laugh when you tell them your son is the reason your arms are bruised, or the fact that family don’t believe that your child is aggressive and you must be doing something wrong as a parent. I can proudly speak up for others and hopefully help others to know that child parent violence is a real issue and you can get help or at least ask for it or talk to someone.


This has massively helped me to get over my baby brain after having my birth son – I can now almost fully remember what I walked into the room for and what I went to the shops for. I remember to check that he is dressed correctly every day and that he has his water and reading folder for school (even if most Mondays I have to run back home to grab his PE kit)… I’ll take that as a win! I remember to get to work on time, actually I almost run out the door most weekends (I wonder why?) and I always remember to say the same things day in day out so not to ruin his morning or afternoon or evening. I’m like a broken record now. 

Endless energy

I’m sure on of these days his energy will rub off on me, help me lose weight and therefore give me more energy than I’ve ever had before. It’s been over three years and it hasn’t happened yet but there’s always hope, right? I mean I’ve lost a stone since the school holidays begun, so he must be doing something right!  He might become a personal trainer and therefore at least give me free PT sessions? Or free coaching? He may go into politics? I mean they always say politicians don’t sleep. He could be a rock star, they don’t sleep either, they tour and rock out for hours, that’s almost the perfect job for him! I see nothing but endless career aspirations for my little pocket rocket.  

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