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Photo by Lili Gooch 

How and when does your child/children wake you in the morning?
between 6.15 and 6.45 with a kiss and I love you mummy, open your beautiful brown eyes.
Then about 2 minutes later – get my biscuits NOW please I am so hungry……. please where is my milk, get my biscuits… open your eyes, get up….. and eyes get prised open. Good morning …. then there’s a race to the loo to see who pees first.
Why adoption?
I wanted so much to parent and raise a child to send off to enjoy life and to help in that journey in any way I could, not being able to have a baby myself.
From start of assessment to bringing your child home how long did the
process take?
From assessment to my 2 year old being at home – 13 months.
How could it be improved?
My process was easy enough once I found the right agency (compared to many of the nightmare stories Ive since heard via the network) – but that was 5 years of making that connection. All the LAs I had contact with were not good, and with 2 frankly horrific.
What has been the biggest surprise?
Dont want to speak too soon – but how easy it all is. Its just great…… (and that’s having completed a day travelling, cars, planes, trains….)he’s just a great companion.
How was the assessment process?
I think I was a swot. I got in all the papers way ahead of time, probably talked too much. My SW seemed to get me and the final report was pretty spot on. Of course it was tedious at times, but at least I got my electrics checked and found all was great- useful when selling a house!
What’s your favourite thing to do together?
Just hanging – chatting – laughing – anything we do together is just fun. He’s great company – little adventure walks always have a great narrative. We just share stuff.
What makes you and your family laugh?
Silly voices and faces – he does great accents for a 3 year old. And tickling of course.
The best thing about being a parent?
The fun and the love and actually our own way of understanding and knowing each other. At 3 he reads my mind – its amazing…he finishes sentences.
The hardest thing about being a parent?
when at 830 he’s not asleep, and I need time out. when he plays up and up and wont listen till I feel I have to lose it with him. To worry about what might make his sad or upset. But luckily I haven’t had to experience much of that yet….Hes just so happy. (well the sad and upset – the playing up – well…. he’s full of character as they say..)
The piece of wisdom you would pass on to a child?
The one that’s hard to follow, but makes the most sense, now more than ever. Live in the moment and enjoy every day, being fun and kind to those around you. And understanding of those that upset you and don’t harbour bad feelings. Smile!

What time do you go to bed?
930! time to go now…..

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