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The Questions #5 A peek into how we do family.

Photo by Lili Gooch

Photo by Lili Gooch

How and when does your child/children wake you in the morning?

Our 18 month old sleeps in her own room. We used to wake to her chatting to herself in her cot bed, but more recently she has been less patient or possibly more anxious. In any case, she now tends to cry out for us in the morning. We go to get her up and either get up for breakfast or, if it’s still too early, bring her into our bed for snuggles and sometimes a bit more sleep before we all get up.

Why adoption?

For us adoption seemed right for a number of reasons. Firstly, as a same sex couple we would not be able to conceive a child naturally and if one of us were to have insemination then we felt this may create an imbalance with the non-biological parent in the couple. Neither of us have ever felt a strong urge to be pregnant or to pass on our genes. We did, however, really want a family and we felt we could love a child who is not biologically ours. With so many children needing a loving home in this country, it seemed a good choice.

From start of assessment to bringing your child home how long did the process take?

2 years

How could it be improved?

So many ways!! We had four different social workers and there were a lot of delays and very poor communication from our agency throughout. More coherent management of our ‘case’ would certainly have reduced the delays and reduced our stress.

What has been the biggest surprise?

I guess how easily we have bonded as a family.

How was the assessment process?

Fine. Could have been a bit quicker and more coherent but was ok.

What’s your favourite thing to do together?

Explore the outdoors!

What makes you and your family laugh?

Chasing, tickling, dancing, being silly in general.

The best thing about being a parent?

Innocence and wonder.

The hardest thing about being a parent?


The piece of wisdom you would pass on to a child?

Be yourself.

What time do you go to bed?

Between 10-11pm.

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