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The Questions #6 A peek into how we do family.

Photo by Lili Gooch

How and when does your child/children wake you in the morning?

Our son usually gets up between 6 and 6.30 and brings duvet,pillows and all soft toys off his bed and then turns into the spin cycle of the washing machine as soon as he gets on our bed. The joys!

From start of assessment to bringing your child home how long did the process take?

The process was 3 long years from start to littley coming home.

What has been the biggest surprise?

The biggest surprise to me was how much I resented my me time disappearin

How was the assessment process?

The process was fine but took forever it seemed.

What’s your favourite thing to do together?

Cuddles together watching a DVD and going for walks as a family are the favs. My husband makes us laugh when I get too serious he can always lighten the situation.

Best thing about parenting?

Watching the changes happen over the years. How little man is becoming more confident to try things and to now be more affectionate to us both. He couldn’t show affection before and it was upsetting to see him.

The hardest thing about being a parent?

Never stopping worrying about him when he isn’t by my side.Loving him so much( sometimes it brings me to tears).Being older parents means we get more tired than we thought we would.

What time do you go to bed?

Usually fall asleep on sofa around 10ish for an hour then wake and go to bed.

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