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Becoming a family

Things I lost when I became a mother

  1. My heart. To a little man who entered our lives as a ten month old. It has made my heart burst. The love for my husband has grown with this new love too. It didn’t happen overnight, but snug up on me with a force that I have never known.
  2. Sleep. Lots of it. Undisturbed sleep. Lie-ins.  I do miss that. But the beaming early morning smile of a loved one makes up for it in an instance.
  3.  Ambition. Really. Much to my surprise. Work just isn’t as important as the generations of working women before us brought us up to believe it was.
  4. My dignity – especially dance-related. It is now nearly impossible to pass any street music with a good beat. With or without my son.
  5.  Weight! I lost a lot of weight. Wiipee! But sadly it is back on.
  6. Overview of how much laundry I do in a week.
  7. A transition toy. Or two. My sons favourite soft toys for bedtime and comfort. Yes the two first were bought consequtively, propelled by stress. And we then bought five, yes f.i.v.e. Don’t ask how many we have left. We are unreliable.
  8. My memory. Or rather the ability of hold certain information. My brain is all used up on thinking about important stuff, such as bringing diapers and a change of clothes to the playground, snack times, preparing food etc etc.
  9. My patience. Yes, sorry. But sometimes toddler play is boring. And very. Very. Repetitive.
  10. Time. Time for dithering, and empty chatter.
  11. Dietary variety. Spaghetti with tomato sauce with my all time favourite food. It would be my last meal of earth. I love pasta. But I am getting a wee bit tired of it.
  12. Privacy. Loo privacy. My son, who is potty training, will now applaud me when I have a wee. And I like it!
  13. Filters. Especially relating to speaking of bodily fluids. And worse still: solids. How did ‘pooh’ become a subject of conversation? Of interest?
  14. My keys! But found them again. Phew. The stress.
  15. Count. Of a lots of things. Time spend watching diggers in action; times I’ve push a swing; of nappy changes; of colds, of sleepless nights; of cuddles and giggles.

Has it been worth it? YES!!

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