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We Are Family (WAF) is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Yorkshire Adoption Agency (YAA) to enhance support and grow a sense of community for adoptive families. This partnership provides YAA members access to WAF’s online digital platform, offering numerous resources, peer support opportunities, and educational tools.

We Are Family empowers adoptive families through various services, including peer support groups, expert-led webinars, and an extensive resource library. With its recorded talks and educational materials, WAF’s online Member Hub ensures adoptive parents have opportunities to vital information and community support throughout their adoption journey. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, catering to the diverse needs of adoptive families and instilling a sense of capability and confidence.

In addition to peer support, WAF’s platform provides access to mental health resources, parenting strategies, and adoption-related guidance from experts. The collaboration with YAA will facilitate a more extensive reach, ensuring adoptive families in Yorkshire benefit from these resources and connect with a wider community of adopters.

Yorkshire Adoption Agency, a pillar of support for adoptive families across the region, is committed to providing personalised and compassionate services. YAA’s services, including pre-adoption training, post-adoption support, and regular events to develop community among adoptive families, are all designed to make adoptive families feel cared for and understood. YAA’s experienced team works closely with families to ensure that each child’s needs are met and that adoptive parents feel supported every step of the way, reinforcing the sense of care and understanding.

Lisa Barker, Director of We Are Family, stated, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Yorkshire Adoption Agency. Together, we can extend our reach and ensure that more adoptive families receive the support they need, when they need it, throughout their journey.”

Sue May, Director of Yorkshire Adoption Agency, added, “Yorkshire Adoption Agency is thrilled to be working in partnership with We are Family, which leads the field in peer-led adopter support. This partnership will give our adopters access to a huge range of professional webinars, podcasts and other resources. We will also benefit from their expertise in setting up local peer-led adopter groups to complement our existing offer and provide a safe social haven for our community of adopters.”

For more information, please visit We Are Family and Yorkshire Adoption Agency.