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About web cookies

Web cookies are small snippets of text saved in a browser that can store data and anonymously identify your computer or mobile device. Like most websites, the We Are Family website uses cookies.

We use cookies for three main purposes:

  1. To improve your experience of our website – for example, so that you can securely log in and log out of the members site, or so that you can make a secure donation using your credit or debit card.
  2. Collect anonymous statistics – it’s really useful for us to be able to see which pages are the most popular and how people are using them.
  3. Social media – if you use Twitter or Facebook, cookies can help smooth the sharing process between our site and your online feeds.

Turning cookies off

All modern browsers let you turn off either all or third-party cookies, but this varies depending on which browser you’re using. The option to do this is usually found in your browser’s OptionsSettings, or Preferences menu.

How to change your cookie settings in:

The cookies used on the We Are Family website

CookieDomainTypeDescriptionDuration cookie is set by Wix website building platform. The cookie is used for security purposes.2 hours
__cfduid.myfonts.netNecessaryThe cookie is used by to quickly load some of the fonts used on the website. It does not correspond to any user ID in the web application and does not store any personally identifiable information.1 month cookie is used to identify whether the user is logged in to the website or not.session
mm.stripe.comNecessaryStripe is the payment processor used by We Are Family for one-off donations. This cookie is required for the one-off donation functionality to work.2 years
__cfduid.addtoany.comNecessaryThis cookie is part of the share functionality, which allows the user to share pages and blog posts on social media. No personal data is stored by AddToAny, and no cookies are loaded from social media platforms unless or until the user chooses to click a share button.30 days
_gidgoogle.comThird partyWe Are Family uses Google Analytics to analyse how users interact with the website. This cookie is used to distinguish users.24 hours
_gagoogle.comThird partyThis cookie is used by Google Analytics to distinguish users.2 years
_gatgoogle.comThird partyThis cookie is used by Google Analytics to throttle the request rate.1 minute