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If you are looking for support and community, please join us!

  • We Are Family membership is free.
  • Membership is open to anyone who is going through / has been through the UK adoption process, has adopted outside the UK and is now resident in the UK, or was previously resident in the UK and a validated member who has since moved abroad. 
  • A member who is an approved adopter (with adopted children) is able to validate their partner (e.g. a step-parent or partner who cannot officially be validated by a social worker or official paperwork) to become a full member of We Are Family.
  • Members at: 
    • Stage 1 (exploring, considering adoption and/or in Stage 1 of the assessment process as a prospective adopter) will have access to selected resources and a regular newsletter.
    • Stage 2 (Stage 2 of the assessment process being assessed as a prospective adopter) will be able to access the above PLUS resources, attend talks and specific peer support groups and events.
    • Stage 3 (approved adopter, family finding, pre-placement) will be able to access the above PLUS resources, attend talks and specific events aimed at family-finding peer support.
    • Stage 4 (approved adopter with child/ren placed) will be able to access the above PLUS resources, attend talks, peer support sessions and participate in family friendly events.
  • Membership requires validation of your status as an adopter or prospective adopter. This is primarily done by your Social Worker or authorised professional. However, some people wishing to become members may no longer have contact with their Assessing Authority / Adoption Agency (e.g. they adopted some years ago). In these cases only, we have a “self-evidencing” process which can be used. Full details will be provided within the sign-up process. If neither of these processes will work for your unique circumstances then please contact us directly.
  • You will be given the option to choose a local or online peer-led support group to join: joining these groups is how you access the peer support services. Please note that you can join whichever group is geographically closest to you; you do not have to live in the borough of the group that you choose to join. 
  • If you would like to set up your own support group in your area, please contact us for more details. 
  • When you become a member, you will receive regular updates about We Are Family activities, events and resources. To make the most of your membership, you will need to opt-in to joining our mailing list. You can do this within the sign-up process and update your preferences at any time.
Apply now

All you need is a laptop, tablet or phone and 10 minutes of time.
Please have your Social Worker / authorised professional contact details or Adopter certification ready to submit.

You are welcome to read the We Are Family Membership Terms and Conditions. 

If you have questions about membership please contact