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We Are Family is an independent peer-to-peer support community by adopters, for adopters.

Originally founded in 2013 by adopters who experienced first-hand the lack of post-adoption support, our vision is to see a world in which adoptive / prospective parents feel connected, benefit from peer support, and are part of a community which enables them to thrive. Our mission is to ensure that adoptive / prospective parents are part of a community, offering each other support, from a place of lived experience, through the highs and lows of parenting.

We Are Family’s small staff team are supported by a number of volunteers and our board of trustees. Learn more about our team and how you can get involved.

I felt very alone dealing with the challenges of adopting children that experienced so much trauma, meeting experienced adopters gave me more confidence and helped me feel I was not a rubbish parent. The support provided by other adopters was inspiring.

Adopted children have in most cases, experienced abuse or neglect or have their own unique set of challenges. It can be hard for them to fit into toddler groups, nurseries or school as their feelings and experiences overwhelm them. Working through these challenges can be isolating for any parent.

Providing support throughout the adoption journey is a statutory requirement for local authorities, regional adoption agencies and voluntary adoption agencies, however, like many statutory social care requirements, the services vary significantly. Having identified peer-to-peer support as a large gap in post-adoption provision, We Are Family provides free membership open to all adopters and prospective adopters across the UK.

Our community offers support from a place of lived experience through our wide range of programmes and activities, including: Online and in-person Parent and Peer Support; Family activities; our digital WAF Talks and Member Hub Resources; Our member-generated Podcast and Blog.


With the generous support from our partners, funders and donations from supporters, We Are Family provide our members with access to the highest calibre of experts, resources and peer support services, at the time when we need it most.

Join us and become part of the family.