We Are Family


Family Meet Ups

We Are Family host family meet ups. Unlike the playgroups or the parent groups, these are for all the family. The meet ups usually take place on a weekend, so that school aged children and working parents can join as well. 

These are low key affairs, sometimes involving parks, footballs and tea in a thermos. They tend to happen monthly. Sometimes these family meet ups become seasonal parties - like a summer picnic, or a winter party.

The sessions are free.

Please contact your local WAF group for more information. Dates, places and times are never disclosed publicly.

Please note that all our events are coordinated and run by WAF volunteers.

What our members say:

'I can't make it out the in the evening and my children are too old for the playgroups, so this is a perfect way of meeting up with other adoptive families. Saturday morning kicking a ball around... just perfect.'
'As prospective adopters I really appreciate that my partner and I are allowed to come along.'
'My husband and I came along to a few family meet ups. From these weekend meet ups, we had a ready-made network of adopters by the time we brought our daughter home. Four years on, they are still a life line for us.'
We Are Family