We Are Family



We Are Family offers, or offers access to, playgroups across London. These are usually for preschoolers and their parents, as they fall on weekdays during term time. This is a time for parents and their youngsters to meet with other adoptive families to play and chat over a cup of tea or squash.

We would like to stress that in a couple of instances we have decided to join existing well-run and diverse playgroups, and so there will be a number of non-adoptive families present too. In a couple of instances these are church run playgroups.

There may be a small fee associated with the playgroups.

Please contact your nearest group to hear more about playgroups in your area. 

Dates, places and times are never disclosed publicly. 

Please note that all our events are coordinated and/or run by WAF volunteers.

What our members say:

‘It is just great to know you are not the only adoptive parent here!’
‘I love being part of the group and have made a couple of new friends which makes life so much easier sharing the ups and downs of parenthood.’
‘This is the highlight of my week.’
‘I have been to a few playgroups but felt immediately at home and comfortable at the playgroup. I am so glad to have found it as it is exciting to watch all our beautiful adopted children thriving in wonderful atmosphere with lots of children and mums and dads.’ 
We Are Family