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Prospective Adopters' Group

The Prospective Adopters' Group draws it members from all WAF local groups. It welcomes adopters from stage 2 onwards.

We meet monthly online, often with interesting speakers such as adopters, social workers, various therapists and many more who come and share their experiences. And we are always open to suggestions!

The sessions are free.

Please contact your local WAF group for more information and to join. Dates, places and times are never disclosed publicly.

Please note that all our events are coordinated and run by WAF volunteers.

What our members say:

[After being approved,]...we attended We Are Family (WAF) meet-ups where we spent time speaking with other prospective adopters who were Family Finding. This support was invaluable because you can always gets hints and tips from others and we met quite a few social workers along the way! Our eldest boy's best school friend is another adopted child whose parents we met from attending this network! Now that we have our boys, we attend the WAF play-dates where we can meet with and talk to other parents.'Thank you for providing such interesting speakers and helping to keep us so well informed.'
'We Are Family is a community providing invaluable support and inspiration - practical advice from others who understand and are facing similar challenges. It is a fantastic organisation. After attending a WAF event I always feel re-energised and inspired and more often than not gain some invaluable information. WAF meetings are a highlight in my diary. It's really wonderful to see prospective adopters becoming adoptive parents and sharing the journey with them.'
'Being part of this group has really helped me during the process of becoming an adopter. I honestly think it was instrumental in my getting approved.'
'I really look forward to our meetings, they are a highlight for me. I'm very disappointed if something happens at work to prevent my attendance.'
We Are Family