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Singles Groups

WAF offers a Single Adopters group, which meets in person in North and South London. The groups also have online meet-ups.

The sessions are free.

There is a creche available for the face to face groups, so the adopters can bring their children. We operate a strict 3:1 children to carer ratio, so booking is essential. The carers are all known to at least one adopter and adoptee. At present there is a fee associated with the creche.

Please contact your local WAF group for more information. Dates, places and times are never disclosed publicly.

Please note that all our events are coordinated and run by WAF volunteers.

What our members say:

'This group is my scared space. Single parent families only.'
'Life is different for Single adopters. Having this space makes all the difference.'
'This group is my life line to sanity.'
We Are Family