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Adoption Shared

Alongside learning from the experts via our WAF Talks programme, We Are Family membership allows members to share their stories and experiences through regular Blog posts and our podcast series, Adoption Shared. The general public can engage in both of these, providing an opportunity to share insight with fellow adopters and broader support networks and professionals. 

Adoption Shared is a unique podcast produced by We Are Family in partnership with Adopt London.

In each episode, our host, Eddie Elliott, meets adopters and professionals who share their insights and experiences of the adoption journey from various perspectives, which inform, support and amplify the adopter’s voice and community. With over 10,000 downloads across our first three seasons, we are proud that these valuable conversations are impacting our members and the wider community. 

Listen to our podcast here by searching ‘Adoption Shared’ on your regular podcast platforms or below.

Our fourth season of the podcast focuses on adopting children and young people with additional needs and explores real-life stories, shedding light on the intricacies of adoption. By sharing the joys, challenges, and possibilities, this season encourages a deeper understanding of adoption in the context of children and young people, providing insights into the unique dynamics, offering practical advice and fostering a supportive dialogue among listeners. 

Each episode in this series will be released every other Thursday – follow us for the first listen. 

Through the podcast I’ve been lucky enough to hear from some hugely knowledgeable people – professionals and parents alike- who have given me a lot of resources and insight for my own parenting journey.

This feels like such an important resource to have out there for everyone.


Adoption Shared Listener