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Books for Parents

Below are a few books and pdfs that we have found helpful. 

We have tried to integrate some adoption standards with some books on parenting in general that we think are adoption-friendly. Many of the books on this page can be read at any stage. Take your lead from what you fancy.

We are always open to suggestions, so please do get in touch if you have ideas for more reading...

Some useful pdfs:

Jessica Kingsley Publishing specialises in the book on adoption and fostering, amongst other topics. They have put together this booklet with information about books on adoption and fostering.

The ground breaking report Beyond the Adoption Order is also worth reading in its entirety. It concerns research about the world post placement. It was written by Julie Selwyn, Dinithi Wijedasa, and Sarah Meakings, University of Bristol, and published in April 2014.

Deborah Gray has written ten solid tips on her website Nurturing Attachments under the heading Learn - they are a good start in the first year of placement.

Purejoy Parenting have released a really helpful e-book by Leslie Potter, called '5 Parenting Beliefs Busted', which reinterprets traditional parenting beliefs, putting a new spin on the old and welcoming the new.